About Aunexum

Aunexum Precious Metals Group comprises a group of companies trading in various precious metals products and services. The Holland Gold and Gold Standard labels focus on the purchase and sale of precious metals mainly to individuals in the form of ingots and coins. AunexumSafe takes care of the storage of precious metals in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Holland Gold and Gold Standard have an AFM license for offering precious metal in combination with storage.

These companies also provide various customised services such as financing, hedging and leasing.

From waste to raw material
Aunexum collects scrap gold, such as old rings and chains, from about one hundred and fifty jewellers with its company BGP Edelmetaal. This demolition gold is processed by sister company Elephant Refinery that refines ‘scrap’ into raw materials such as gold and silver. Elephant Refinery also recycles old electronics (such as printed circuit boards), industrial (residual) products and dental gold, which often contains various other rare raw materials in addition to gold and silver.