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Aunexum invests in small-scale gold mining

Gold company Aunexum Precious Metals Group and Solidaridad are going to invest together in responsible small-scale gold mining. They are investigating suitable techniques for mercury-free gold mining in Ghana and Tanzania. They are also investigating the possibilities of buying in responsible gold directly from small-scale mining. Urban mining and responsible mining Vincent Kersten, director of…
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10 December 2019 0

Aunexum Precious Metals Group signs gold covenant

Precious Metals Company Aunexum Precious Metals Group joins the covenant Responsible Gold. This makes it the thirteenth company to participate. Together with the NGOs, trade unions, government and supporters, there are now 22 participants in this covenant. Aunexum Precious Metals Group includes companies that trade in various precious metal products and services. These include buying…
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9 August 2018 0