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Gold standard stands for trust. Goudstandaard offers its customers “protected assets within reach” by selling physical investment objects such as gold and silver.

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Holland Gold

At Holland Gold, a customer buys physical precious metal as easily as a book at ordered today, delivered tomorrow. Holland Gold offers direct insured delivery of all precious metals.

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BGP Edelmetaal

BGP Precious Metals is the specialist in precious metals with competitive and transparent rates. More than 150 jewellers are clients of BGP Precious Metals for the sale of scrap gold, workhouse waste, tooth gold and industrial gold.

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AunexumSafe is a professional party specialised in the storage and transport of precious metals, also called high value services. AunexumSafe came into being after the gold standard company spin-off its storage activities.

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Elephant Refinery

Elephant Refinery is in fact a continuation of the activities of Elephant Dental. This company from Hoorn (NH) was part of Dentsply Sirona, the largest dental company in the world with a stock market value of more than 10 billion dollars.

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Aunexum Finance

This is why wealthy individuals, but also companies, are increasingly opting to convert part of their assets into precious metals. Aunexum offers clients various customized services such as financing, hedging and leasing.

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Aunexum invests in small-scale gold mining

Gold company Aunexum Precious Metals Group and Solidaridad are going to invest together in responsible small-scale gold mining. They are investigating suitable techniques for mercury-free gold mining in Ghana and[…]

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10 December 2019 0

Aunexum Precious Metals Group signs gold covenant

Precious Metals Company Aunexum Precious Metals Group joins the covenant Responsible Gold. This makes it the thirteenth company to participate. Together with the NGOs, trade unions, government and supporters, there[…]

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9 August 2018 0