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Aunexum Precious Metals Group is comprised of a group of companies which deal in various precious metal products and services.


Goudstandaard (Gold standard) is the ‘private banking label’ for the purchase and sale of precious metal. Goudstandaard offers its clients a ‘protected capital within hand reach’ by offering physical investment products.

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Holland Gold

At Holland Gold, a client can physically buy precious metal just as easily as buying a book from the order is placed today and delivered tomorrow. Precious metal is the ideal haven for retaining purchasing power and capital during times of financial unrest.

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BGP Edelmetaal

BGP Edelmetaal is the specialist in precious metals with competitive and transparent rates. More than 200 jewellers are clients of BGP Edelmetaal for the sale of scrap (old jewellery), workshop waste (lemel, casting waste, swarf), teeth gold, industrial gold,

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AunexumSafe offers safe and assured storage of physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The locations meet the very highest international safety requirements.
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Elephant Refinery

Elephant Refinery is the specialist in recycling and refinement services for complex waste flows which contain valuable precious metals. With the unique method of refining, the highest yield from the precious metal is obtained with the highest level of purity.
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Aunexum Finance

This is why wealthy individuals, but also companies, are increasingly opting to convert part of their assets into precious metals. Aunexum offers clients various customized services such as financing, hedging and leasing.

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Aunexum invests in small-scale gold mining

Gold company Aunexum Precious Metals Group and Solidaridad are going to invest together in responsible small-scale gold mining. They are investigating suitable techniques for mercury-free gold mining in Ghana and[…]

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10 December 2019 0

Aunexum Precious Metals Group signs gold covenant

Precious Metals Company Aunexum Precious Metals Group joins the covenant Responsible Gold. This makes it the thirteenth company to participate. Together with the NGOs, trade unions, government and supporters, there[…]

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9 August 2018 0